10 Tips for Baby Photographers 1

10 Tips for Baby Photographers:  By Darren Rowse.  Photography by Joseph Braun. Let me share 10 ‘lessons’ and ‘tips’ for baby photographers that I’m learning: 1. Documentary vs Portrait Photographer While I had visions of taking lots of ‘cute’ shots of Xavier in his first week I found that what actually happened was that the first week […]


Creative Photography

5 Ways to Creative Photography 2

Creative Photography – By Joseph Braun I have found that getting into a creative photography slump is unfortunately inevitable. Here is a few ideas to pry yourself out of that icky place and get your mojo back! 1) Give Yourself a Creative Photography Assignment Simple, but effective.  The point here is to push yourself out of […]

Common Mistakes Photographers Make 5

Common Mistakes Photographers Make By Ming Thein. Beginner Photographers: Ever wonder why your photos don’t look ‘professional?’ Amateur photographers: ever wonder why you lack consistency? Pros: Ever wonder why you lose your edge or drive? Wonder no longer. This article deals with some of the most common oversights by photographers of all kinds, and how […]

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How to Photograph People 4

How to Photograph People By Joseph Braun 1) Get to know your subject (or get to know them better) How would you like it if someone stuck a camera in your face and started taking pictures? Awkward? Annoyed?  Well, you’re not alone!  The dynamic between photographer and subject is an intimate one, that should not be […]

15 Children Photographers Tips 1

15 Children Photographers Tips By Vidhu S Editor/co-founder at Shutterstoppers – Photography courtesy of Joseph Braun Photography - Face painting courtesy of Painting the Imagination 1. Point and shoot, DSLR, or mobile phone camera. Equipment doesn’t matter The usual question comes – Which camera I should choose for photographing children? Well, you can use any camera you have for photographing kids. […]