Boudoir sessions can be purchased individually or added to one of my wedding photography packages.  It is an adventurous way for ladies to cut loose in front of the camera and give a sensual gift to their partner.  My “lady’s private bedroom” or boudoir photography can be done indoors or shot outdoors (at a private location, of course).  The women who desire to do this end up having a really good time.  I am a super mellow guy and they feel very comfortable with me.  However, if you want bring a chaperon or bodyguard that is totally fine.  My primary wish is for you to feel comfortable and for us to get great shots.  Sensuality and sexuality are very natural; I am a photographer who enjoys capturing these elements in a playful spirit.  In the end many clients like to put all of pictures from the session in a hardcover keepsake book for their lovers with an inscription on the front.  Some want to just get the digital files to play around with on their own.  Whatever you decide that you want, just let me know and I will be happy to accommodate you.